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Ann doesn't have a sister. Hi James, it's good to see you again. Mind your tongue. I went to the park with Mary yesterday. It was his bicycle that was stolen. His wish is to go to America. I can't say. How much is this camera? That girl's eyes are blue. No, I heard you were thinking about moving but I didn't know you'd already found a place. That's cool.
Mass Tube: - In Japan, the new semester begins in April.
- Dinner is almost ready.
- Grace looked angry.
- She was born last year.
- You could have come by auto.
- It's too loud.
- He looked through a magazine.
- Is this the key your uncle is looking for?
- Was anyone hurt?
- It's a surprise.
He can also speak Russian. I never for a moment imagined that I'd be homeless. What are your weekend plans? A little. Are you American? He lives in a large house. Where's the pharmacy? Are you losing your mind? They walked around. What is in the desk? She advises him on technical matters.

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