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I found it pretty hard to adjust to my new surroundings. Who is next? He's still sponging off his father. Do you plan to go abroad? I'll show my album to you. He is two years older than you. I take a very dim view of people doing. You're beautiful. He swims better than I do. He said you like to watch movies.
Wizard 101: - Sorry, I didn't hear you. Can you say that again please?
- I play the violin.
- My daughter is fast asleep.
- You shouldn't talk back to your parents like that.
- It's 17 dollars.
- Life is not suffering all the time.
- What a big dog!
- She told him not to worry.
- I didn't want to surprise you.
- I have some books.
What did Jean make? I wonder who started that rumor. I built this doghouse by myself. OK, I'll have a look when I get there. I know a lot about cars. When I was younger my father and I use to fix old cars. The dog bit my hand. Take a deep breath and then relax. I'm very sleepy today, too. She blackmailed him. Why don't we order pizza? My teacher has asked me to bring all the books today.

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